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How to get the most from The Sinner PDF Print E-mail
Written by Admin   

Hello, wonderful Sinners, and welcome to St Andrews!

The Sinner is an online community dedicated to the students of the University of St Andrews




We've got messageboards with help and advice for dealing with life in St Andrews, including ways to find Accommodation and buy/sell stuff.




We've got maps of all that's important in St Andrews with direct links to articles in the wiki-based Sinner's Guide to St Andrews, written by the people who know it best - that's you.




You can write magazine-style articles for the main website too - news and sports reports, write-ups of social events, reviews, or just anything else you want to get out there.




Speaking of social events, we've also brought the Calendar up to date, you can browse and add details of society and town happenings with ease.


More details on our new features after the break!

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Alice Thoroughly Looking Class PDF Print E-mail
Written by Seth Ewin   

Alice in Wonderland - AB Paterson Auditorium, The Byre Theatre

Some of audience cackled insanely, becoming dizzily lost in the music, trippy dance routines, fantastic characters and psychedelic sets, and thats just the ones who hadn't taken drugs.

What was going through the minds of those who had spent the afternoon getting high is not something I would choose to go into, but seeing I am writing the review and spent Saturday smoking several special cigarettes before sauntering to my seat to see the show, I suppose I'll have to give it a go.

Alice (the actors name I can't remember for the life of me and I seem to have roached the program) (She’s Laura House ed.) begins the play reading a book, bored, behind her a tight mechanical dance involving the rest of the cast comes to life.

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The Rectorship PDF Print E-mail
Written by exnihilo   

I wrote this article some years ago, and it is totally free of support for any candidate, it's just a history of the rectorship and the installation - for those who haven't been around long enough to have seen one before. I hope it sheds some light...

The History of the Rector

Simon Pepper's Rectorial DragThe post of Lord Rector of the University of St Andrews is the oldest of its kind, dating back to the university’s foundation in the early fifteenth century (1410) when it was first filled by Abbot Lawrence of Lindores, who rejoiced in the title: “Inquisitor of Heretical Pravity in Scotland”. In the early days of the office, the Rector was chosen by the doctors, masters and students of the university to be the head of their society. 

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Meanwhile, on the Main Board...

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