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(Canmore) Catholic Society
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PresidentFrancesca Hand
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Catholic Society

The Catholic Society (also known as the Canmore Society) was established in the 1940's with the principal aim to promote Catholicism amongst the members of the University and beyond.

Society Events

The Society's main event is the weekly 8pm Wednesday talk, given by outside speakers on issues not limited to Theology, but also topics such Bioethics and Church History.

Since 2005, the Wednesday evening talks have been recorded and published on the Society's website as a podcast.

The Society hosts a weekly Sunday dinner, where all are welcome to join the Society for a two course meal.

The Society has collaborated with the Union Debating Society, typically with debates on bioethics or the role of faith in society.

Catholic Chaplaincy

Almost all of the Catholic Society's events are held in the Catholic Chaplaincy, No. 24 The Scores, which is known as Canmore.

Canmore was donated by the late Dr Stevenson, a University academic, in 1964 for the use as a Catholic Chaplaincy. His widow still lives in the Parish.

The Catholic Chaplain is Canon Halloran who is also the Parish Priest of St James' Church.

External Links

Catholic Society Website

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