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The term 'yah' refers to people of a privileged if somewhat theoretical social group within the university. Yahs are usually identified by their expensive and fashionable attire, accent, social life and (often public school) educational background. Members of the Kate Kennedy Club or the Lumsden Club are usually perceived to be yahs, and they may also be attracted to certain sports or bars. The term is usually used pejoratively, for example:

I really hate Ma Bells, it's always full of yahs and tourists.


Look at that pink polo shirt with the popped collar, what a bloody yah.


The name is said to come from the yah's equivalent of 'yes', which borrows more from the modern German 'Ja' than the more proletarian 'yeah' or 'yep', or Celtic variant 'aye'. The typical extended vowel sound is also seen in the equivalent term 'rah' which is used at universities such as Oxford and Cambridge. This supposedly indicates how narrow and privileged a yah's upbringing is in relation to the rest of us.


As previously mentioned, yahs are noted for their collective expensive dress sense. This stereotypically involves some popped collar deal or (for the females) a gillet and pashmina combination or dress which costs more than a typical university education. Hait should be stylishly unkempt. Often the simplest way to spot a yah is to scan the room for the person who has put the most effort and thought into their attire and appearance, but will deny at all costs that this is the case.

Stereotypes and Discrimination

Some people identified as yahs complain about discrimination based on dress sense, attitude or accent. Equally those arriving at the university for the first time frequently express their shock that such a class of people still exist, and are given a new perspective on the Oxbridge admissions process.

Some claim the main motivation behind attacking yah culture is class envy and jealousy, but relations are not helped by the widespread perception that yahs make no effort to apologise for themselves or integrate, and quickly form themselves into socially impenetrable groupings which only admit those of similar background and attitude to themselves.

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