FOR SALE Clearance by Thursday

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FOR SALE Clearance by Thursday

Postby mischa on Tue Apr 30, 2013 8:19 pm

Non-academic books:
1. 'The Wealth of Nations', Adam Smith
2. 'The Game', Neil Strauss
3. 'Nocturnes', Kazuo Izhiguro
4. 'Pregnant Widow', Martin Amis
5. 'The Remains of the Day', Kazuo Ishiguro
6. 'The Host', Stephanie Meyer
7. 'Money', Martin Amis
8. 'The Hobbit', J.R.R. Tolkien
9. 'The Great Crash 1929', J.K. Galbraith
10. 'Rogue Trader', Nick Leeson
11. 'Great Britain', Eyewitness Travel, DK
12. 'The Sense of an Ending', Julian Barnes

Academic books:
1. 'Dictionary of Philosophy', Penguin Reference
2. 'Sustainable Development', Susan Baker

1. American Psycho
2. Cast Away
3. Atonement
4. Four Christmases
5. 21 Jump Street
6. Varsity Blues
7. The Edge of Love
8. La Doublure
9. The 40 year-old Virgin
10. 3 in 1: Jumpin' Jack Flash, Bedazzled, Serving Sara
11. The September Issue
12. The Rules of Attraction
13. The Barber of Siberia
14. Cambridge spies
15. Pedro Almadovar Collection: Volver, Talk to her, Bad education, All about my mother

1. Mirror
2. Drawer chest
3. Bedside cabinets (2 items)

Bed & other:
1. 4 pillows (100% goose down)
2. Duvet (100% goose down, king-size bed)
3. Memory mattress pad & 2 memory foam pillows
4. Cowhide rug (100% natural, covers a king-size bed)

1. Nintendo Wii platform (never used)
2. Digital Photo Frame (never used)
3. Tefal Non-stick Pan (large)
4. St Andrews walking stick Umbrella (dark navy)
5. The Old Course walking stick Umbrella (navy, tartan)
6. Electronic scales
7. Hair dryer (BabyBliss)
8. Straighteners (BabyBliss)

Contact me on ak536 for pics.
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