Summer Sale: Moving out

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Summer Sale: Moving out

Postby mcl24 on Wed Jul 31, 2013 3:53 pm

Email me at mcl24 if you're interested in any item. If you want to see photos, check: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set ... 644&type=1

• Authentic NESS handbag. New, Very chic. £19.
• Authentic LANCÔME handbag. Perfect to carry your books to the library. £3.
• Fancy colourful scarf. £2.
• Worn out BENNETTON jeans. Very comfy, elastic. Size S/UK 8. Petite. If you always need to have your trousers cut, these are perfect for you. £3.
• Skinny jeans. Petite (1.50-1.60 cm). Size 8. £5. Elastic. Brand: Miss Natalie. Hardly worn.
• Chanel style jacket, size 10, £6
• NEW t-shirt (without tags). Brand: Women's Secret, Spanish brand. Size M. £6.
• Red t-shirt: Nicely fitting, worn only twice. Feel free to try it on. Size 12 (UK), 38-40 (EU), M. £5
• TOMMY HILFIGER DENIM. Size M, £5. Nicely fitting.
• Warm, soft, and NEW hat! £3
• HELLO KITTY socks: like new, thick and high, perfect for boots & wellies. £4.

• Silver, red, hanging earrings. Worn just a couple of times. £3.
• Claire's Stud Earrings X 4. New, £3.

• SENSAI KANEBO Cleaners: Sensai Silk Purifying Cleansing Gel with Scrub (Step 1), 125 ml & Sensai Silk Softening Lotion Light (Step 2), 125ml. 1/3 left of each. £14. RRP Gel £31.49-49.95; Lotion £45. Ideal for Oily/combination Skin.
• New Galénic Purifying Perfector Concetrate, combination/oily skin. French cosmetic brand. It helps dry pimples, 15ml. RRP £12. Selling for £6.

• Beloved/ Toni Morrison/ Picador/£3/ Excellent condition/ mcl24
• Wuthering Heights/ Emily Brontë/ Oxford University Press/£3/ Excellent condition/ mcl24
• The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde and Other Tales/ Robert Louis Stevenson/ Oxford University Press/£3/ Excellent condition/ mcl24
• The Woman Warrior/ Maxine Hong Kingston/£2/ Good condition / mcl24
• The Frenzy of Renown: Fame and Its History [Hardcover]. Leo Braudy / £3/ Excellent condition / mcl24
• Clinical Neurosis (Oxford medical publications) / Snaith, Philip / £2 / Excellent condition / mcl24

• BOOTS Calcium tablets with vitamins D & K. Approx 25 tablets left. £1.
• VICKS VapoRub. Used only once. 50 g.£1.
• Deep Heat, almost whole £1
• Yoga mat. Like new! £7
• Office material bundle: envelopes, files, post-its, glue + refill pad 240 sheets. £2
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