Bike for sale: Raleigh Outland

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Bike for sale: Raleigh Outland

Postby Eddie Baby on Mon Sep 02, 2013 9:28 am

Hi sinners,

For sale I have a Raleigh Outland mountain bike. Frame black in colour. The bike is in good running order but its previous owner (before me) disabled the gears (basically cut the cables), meaning it currently operates as a single-speed. There is no hill in St Andrews too steep for the current gear selection, but if I were you (i.e. the new owner) I would reinstate the full range of 18 gears. Always kept in a shed, the steel frame is solid. Gear shifters are gripshift. Bike dates from mid-1990s. It comes with bar ends (sticky-uppy bits on the end of the handlebars). The brakes work. Tyres are good and hard (giggedy). Frame size is pretty large, I forget exactly but I'd estimate 20", this means it will be suitable for a larger (taller) chap, of around 6ft plus or minus.

I'd like £50 for it. At this price you'd be getting a decent bike, and a decent service (to reinstate the gears) will bring up a very good bike.
Eddie Baby
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