Economics, History and IR Textbooks for sale.

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Economics, History and IR Textbooks for sale.

Postby anvk on Sat Sep 22, 2012 10:19 pm

I have a range of textbooks in excellent condition for sale covering Economics, History and International Relations. Below is a list of the books for sale:

Economics Books:
2 x "Principles of Economics"; McDowell, Thom, Frank and Bernanke; (2nd ed.)
- £20.00 each
2 x "Microeconomics"; Mankiw and Taylor; (2006)
- £15.00 each
2 x "Microeconomics and Behavior"; Frank; (8th ed.)
- £15.00 each
1 x "Macroeconomics, A European Perspective"; Blanchard, Amighini and Giavazzi; (2010)
- £30.00

History Books:
1 x "The Oxford Short History of the British Isles: The Sixteenth Century"; Collinson; (2002)
- £15.00
2 x "The Short Oxford History of Europe; The Nineteenth Century"; Blanning; (2000)
- £15.00 each
1 x "The Short Oxford History of Europe: The Eighteenth Century"; Blanning; (2000)
- £15.00
1 x " Europe in Crisis: 1598-1648"; Parker; (2nd ed. 2001)
- £15.00

International Relations Book:
1 x "Foreign Policy: Theories, Actors and Cases"; Smith, Hadfield and Dunne; (2008)
- £15.00

Please contact me on 07921 836150 or at anvk@st-andrews.ac.uk if you are interested in any of the titles. Thanks.
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