books on marketing for sale

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books on marketing for sale

Postby qingqing on Fri Jan 11, 2013 6:55 pm

Marketing Research: approaches, methods and applications in Europe written by Ray Kent (5pound)
Organizational Theory, Design and change written by Jones (5pound)
Principles of retailing, written by John Fernie Suzanne Fernie and Christopher Moore (5pound)
《市场营销研究》作者纳雷希•马尔霍特拉 (3pound)
Marketing Research: an applied approach,written by Naresh Malhtra (5pound)
Marketing Communications(5pound)
Consumer behavior: a European perspective.(enhanced media edition)(5pound)
Microeconomics Behavior (5pound)
Business marketing management: b2b (3pound)
New products management (3pound)
Foreign direct investment and regional development in east central Europe and the Former Soviet Union (3pound)

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