leaving permanently! everything must go!most are 1 pound

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leaving permanently! everything must go!most are 1 pound

Postby qingqing on Fri Jan 11, 2013 7:00 pm

Suncare lotion防晒霜 1pound

Sunglasses太阳镜 1pound

hotwater bottle 热水袋 3pound

duvet 被子 3pound

jewellery box首饰盒 1pound

Lint clothes roller衣服滚轮 1pound

Four Wine glasses 四个红酒杯 2pound

Tea towel毛巾0.5pound

Kettle热水壶 2pound

Black Handbag 黑色手袋 1pound

Multi-card reader 多项读卡器 1pound

Accessorize, ear stud, earrings, bracelet 小饰品 1pound or less

Hole puncher打孔器 1pound

Candle蜡烛 1pound

Milk pan奶锅1pound

Frying pan炒锅1pound

Halloween accessories 万圣节兔耳朵 1pound

Gift wrapping paper礼品包装纸 1pound

10 Clothes hangers 十个晾衣架 1pound

clothes horse落地晾衣架 3pound

laundry basket 衣篓 2pound

plates 盘子 0.5pound each

bow碗 0.10pound

table mirror 双面化妆镜 3pound

adaptor转换插头 1pound

2 Socket Extension Lead - 5m.插线板 5pound

a box of Push pins and drawing pins图钉彩钉一整盒 1pound

strainer 厨房用滤水篓 1pound

Clothes tidy Rail 3 pounds

PS.i have got a brand new Ipad case for Ipad 2. I thought my New iPad (third generation) could fit it in but it cant. I want to sell it at 6 pounds.

contact Maggie at 07597799913
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