Looking for Company

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Looking for Company

Postby boredsciencepg on Thu Feb 12, 2009 12:03 am

Im a postgrad student here, and I have found it difficult to meet people here since I dont drink or dance or have infinite amounts of money. More pertinently, I find it difficult to make friends at coffee shops and on the street. Im a guy (as one might have guessed) and I do science. I like the outdoors, I love books, Im Indian, I like cricket and like to talk abut anything. Anything ! from astronomy to marine biology to philosophy, politics, religion (Im an atheist) I am interested in it all.

Id like to meet a girl (well.) who has opinions, is well read, intelligent and expressive. Actually any lady willing to have a conversation will be fun to meet. If you're a creationist spoiling for a fight, or a philosopher who thinks science has ruined the world, or a commie or anything ! Basically, Id like to meet interesting girls for coffee/walk/food.

if you're interested, email exxiton@googlemail.com
The email id is a random reference to a pseudo-particle formed by a loosely bound electron-hole pair in some semiconductor systems and nothing should be read into it.

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