Postgrad (31) looking to meet a nice girl or guy

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Postgrad (31) looking to meet a nice girl or guy

Postby standrewsguy on Wed Mar 23, 2011 4:24 pm

I'm bisexual and have only recently been able to admit this to myself and a few close friends. I've hooked up with a few guys and have always enjoyed myself when I have, but the best relationships I've had have definitely been with women. I haven't actually had any proper relationships with guys - it's mostly been sex with some friendships made along the way. Also, while I can enjoy foreplay with a guy, the idea of anything else with a guy makes me sick which is why I know I prefer girls. So what am I looking for? I'd like to meet some nice people, girls or guys, who are interested in friendship, sex or a relationship.If it's a guy, I'm fine with friendship/sex but probably not a relationship - I'm not hugely experienced, and as I say, there's certain things I just won't want to do! If it's a girl, I'm looking for anything (friendship/sex/relationship) and have no preconceptions.

Email is standrewstu@yahoo.com

I will reply

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