Freshers Week Fun

If you're looking for a relationship, some fun or just some new friends, why not try here? One ad per thread. Reply privately if the ad requests it, and no excessive making fun of people.

Freshers Week Fun

Postby The1andOnly on Thu Jun 02, 2011 11:02 am

Hello all,

I'm a funny (so i'm told), quite muscular, well 'endowed' 20 year old student at St Andrews going into 2nd year (yes I didn't do too well my first year) and decided to see if this Sinner thing actually works.

I'm not some creeper, old man or spammer (promise) so ladies (only please, sorry I don't swing both ways) email me on therealrogerrabbit@hotmail.co.uk if your returning to st andrews in september, or are coming for your first year (lucky you) and want to meet me for some friendly but incredible no strings attached sexy time :)

Email me on the above ^ sooner than later so we can get talking over the summer so it isn't weird (for you people who find this sort of thing weird). I'll send pictures once we start talking, and I'll hope you do the same!

Look forward to it.


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