I want a woman

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I want a woman

Postby Silibrand on Sun Oct 16, 2011 9:07 pm

I'm an honours student who doesn't club, but would still like a shot at a girlfriend. When I do have the time/opportunity to go out drinking, I prefer to spend that time with my friends. I'm also incompatible with the Friday-night hook-up set in most ways.

The women I'm drawn to tend to be unavailable. Thinking on some of the pretty faces I've come to know and have seen, I've noticed a few things. Many of them are objectively quite attractive: fit bodies, well-selected wardrobe, friendly personalities. They're focused on friends, academics, societies, etc. I'll spare everyone a rant on how I've seen a "smart can't be hot" in our culture. These girls have better things to do than shake their goodies around town 3 nights a week. That's not to knock having a good time, of course.

My personality is generally reserved. Still waters run deep and whatnot. However, matters of import or interest will always bring me to the fore. Loyalty peppered with self-interest. My sense of humour is healthy, though I prefer not to use my filter. It makes things more interesting (evil grin).

Some of my interests are foreign policy/business (I find domestic politics tedious), relaxing with friends (and drinks!), reading, shopping & the retail industry (clothes can tell a great deal about people, and shops about their local neighbourhood), gym/food (I see the two as linked), and the odd video game. To qualify the last point, I separate "a person who plays video games" from "a gamer." I don't take enough pleasure from them or invest the time to be in the latter category.

As for what I am looking for, I want someone with diverse interests and open minded. Being teetotal is a turn off, and from experience, I am not sorry to admit it. (Teetotalers tend to be far too rigid for my taste) Other than that, I won't inadvertently limit myself with particulars.

As for myself, I'm 5'11" with auburn hair and sapphire blue eyes. I am neither fat nor very muscular. I'm an Atheist and decide political issues on their own, rather than align myself with a certain party/ideology.

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Re: I want a woman

Postby Guest on Thu Oct 27, 2011 7:32 pm

If you're a woman, we might have fun together.

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