Gay guy fed up of being single

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Gay guy fed up of being single

Postby depresseddevonian on Sun Dec 04, 2011 10:51 pm

I’m 22, and have never had a boyfriend. It sucks.

It’s not that I’m really weird, or leapt off the highest branch of the ugly tree, it’s just that I can be very shy and find it hard to approach people and start conversations. So, seeing as I’m so crap at this in “real life” I thought I’d try the sinner instead!

About me: looks-wise I’m about 6ft, kind of scrawny but I have a nice face (hopefully you’ll agree!), short wavy dark hair, glasses and a beard (not a scary one though...)
I can be warm and friendly when I’m comfortable with you, but try and introduce me to ten of your friends at once and I’ll probably talk to the wall instead (or get re-acquainted with my shoes). Other than that- I like to have a laugh, listen to music and other generally human activities :P

You should be kind, understanding, reasonably good-looking (but you don’t have to be god’s gift), GSOH, and not too busy to spend quality time.

Drop me a line? (dominic.cc42@googlemail.com). Just to be clear, I am only looking for a relationship (not a hook-up). And don’t be intimidated if you’re younger than me- because I’ve just gone back into second year, and I quite like younger guys anyway :)

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