Pretty Fly for a White Guy (It's ironic...)

If you're looking for a relationship, some fun or just some new friends, why not try here? One ad per thread. Reply privately if the ad requests it, and no excessive making fun of people.

Pretty Fly for a White Guy (It's ironic...)

Postby 1413pcktrckt on Tue Oct 02, 2012 10:09 pm

Would Iike to meet, well anyone. No, I'm not actually that lonely, although I am posting a personal ad on the Sinner so that's a pretty poor show. I'm looking for a girl with whom I can hold a conversation, i.e. will listen to me when I drone on about how terrible a day I've had, for friendship+...

I am a reasonable guy, when I'm in the mood, which is rare, but totally worth it. Trust me. Friends might describe me as misunderstood, but they'd be lying. I'm enjoying staying in, going out, in equal measure. Oh and I love cuddling. I'm an excellent cuddler. Seriously. I've had compliments. Get in touch, pm me or something. We might have fun together.
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