Music group

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Music group

Postby ItalianStudent on Mon Jan 28, 2013 7:40 pm

hi there! I am a very keen singer/songwiter, to the point that i have entered copetitions and have had my music recorded! Basically i love songwriting and performing and i was curious if there were any people in the university who might possibly like to do this with me! I play the piano, and that is my main instrument, but if anyone can play the acoustic guitar and likes to sing then please contact me!!! If we could put some peices together then i'm sure there would be many opportunities to perform at various events, or even have music recorded and sent away! If you want to contact me/know more/add me on facebook, then just send me an email at ea28@st-andrews .ac.uk! Also I can send you the links to the songs I have already writen to make sure you are on board with the style of music

Thank you!
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