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Postby Bread Roll on Wed Mar 09, 2005 3:03 pm

[s]Unregisted User wrote on 22:50, 26th Feb 2005:
Anyone know anything about arabic? I just got an unconditional and am would want to do that as my 3rd module if i can....neways....

Apparently it is a LOT LOT LOT of work but if you're willing to try hard then I've heard from friends that it can be quite rewarding. Although never having done it myself... I just stuck to beginner's Spanish.

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Postby Elle on Thu Mar 10, 2005 4:32 pm

French department is really disorganised n the 2 yr language classes are terrible. Be prepared to sleep your way through them n oh don't expect any revision of useful grammar ever! Oral classes are ok at least they make you speakn sometimes but it's bad enough having the class at 9am then to find that your teacher is in a foul mood and will take absoilutely no interst whatsoever in your life unlike the lovely Spanish teachers.

Fair play Will Fowler is a wicked lecturer and is not bad but doesn't he just remind you of your Dad?!?! Nige has a nasty side, never forget it and don't cross him unless you're prepared for extrememly grumpy/rude e-mails.

But....we love Soledad and Leticia, those Uruguyan chicks who are just the best. I mean the other day Leticia took us on a class outing to the cinema! Can you imagine the French dept doing that?! Errr no!! Oh and don't forget Beatriz n Marie Carmen who are just lovely.
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Postby ARTooD2 on Fri Mar 25, 2005 11:01 am


save yourself! please don't do arabic!

i was in somewhat the same situation in my first year, and decided arabic would be a really good string to add to my bow. however, there were people in my class who were not only fluent but had lived in arabic speaking countries all their lives. further, some lucky people had a-levels in it...something i've never even heard of being offered in scotland, and with parents who are teachers, it's likely that i would have!

anyways, the upshot is that there were about three of us who congregated, and tried very hard to pull each other through, but it was an absolute slog. the tutors went at the level of the most able, and if that wasn't you, well, hard cheese!

things may have changed, as i am now on the point of graduating, but as someone who went in really eager to learn, and came out upset and demoralised, i would advise against it :o)

Indeed....That doesnt sound to nice....but i do have a basic grasp having lived in the middle east for years so mibbie it'll be easier fir me....but still...you've scared me enough to make me think twice :P....


Postby Leon on Tue Apr 12, 2005 6:51 pm

I agree Will Fowler is GREAT! (tho I think you'll find he is entirely his wife's!!), so is San Roman, and laeticia and Sole are good fun, but I'm not much of a Mari-Carmen fan, her grammar lessons are a waste of time, although she seems nice enough.
Yeah the French Dept are poor etc etc, and rather than being scary dragon-breathing and all that, i would just say they are completely ineffectual as a department and lack internal communication (how many student-staff meetings sre needed to discuss the UTTERLY AWFUL 1st semester history lectures before the lecturer is given a boot up the arse/demoted?! more than 4 years' worth and counting apparently!) However i do like Culpin, who has this scary façade, and admittedly enjoys humiliating first years in his language classes a little too much, but is really very sweet and helpful (well, sometimes!) Milne puts on this sympa attitude, but is EVIL whenever you actually want to do something not run of the mill of not to her exact liking.
The Russian dept are generally good, Claire ESPECIALLY so, others not so good. They will all help if you have a problem tho, which is more than can be said for the response i have had from the French Dept.
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Postby Tiptoes on Thu May 05, 2005 6:13 pm

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