potential grad student

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potential grad student

Postby possiblestudent on Tue May 17, 2005 7:30 am

hi! i've been accepted to study history at St. Andrews this autumn. i'm looking for some info/feedback on life as a grad student/reputation of the uni and what kind of doors it'll open for me in the future (PhD programmes)? Any comments that you may have would be greatly appreciated.


Postby Idealist on Wed May 18, 2005 7:11 pm


If you are looking for a brilliant night life with clubs etc, loads of good shops and general hussle and bustle, this is not the place for you.

Many people come here because the uni has a good rep and scores well in league tables, but have not even thought about what the town is like and they get a surprise! Pubs (inc the union!) close at 1am and the union at 2am on a friday. There are no nightclubs. There are your basic british high street shops (Woolworths, WH Smith, Tesco, Boots etc) and a quite a few nice little one-off type shops, but not much other than that. Your nearest city is Dundee which is about 11 miles away and is generally ok. You will always see someone you know when you venture out which is usually quite nice, but awful if you avoiding someone! Rent prices are high, weather...I'm not even going to go there and sometimes you feel as though you live in a little bubble that is disconnected from the rest of civilisation...


If you like peaceful surroundings, friendly people, a good community spirit and loads of opportunities to try new things and meet people then this university was made for you lol! The early closing times and peacefulness generally mean you study better...however if you are looking for a distraction you will find one. There are loads and loads and loads and loads of societies, sports clubs and organisations to get involved in! The town has more pubs per square mile than anywhere in Britian apprently (or is it Scotland??). You should never be bored or lonley! All of the traditions such as raisin weekend, the peir walk and the may dip all add to the charm! The town itself has almost a thousand years of history behind it, and offers gorgeous (but kinna cold!) beaches, scenery and places of interest!

St Andrews Uni has a rep of being snooty, but I personally don't think that its true! You may hear of ppl ranting about yahs (people brought up with high class families and money) but most people, no matter their background, are generally friendly!

Anyway hope you enjoy St Andrews & sorry if a babbled 2 much!



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