Last minute wobbles

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Last minute wobbles

Postby X on Mon Feb 06, 2006 9:39 am


I'm due to start at St Andrews in September, but the more I think about the more I think it might not be the right place for me.

I need you guys to convince me that I made the right choice.

1. Dance- I'm really into my contemporary dance, any societies or clubs that do this sort of thing?

2. Night life- I know there are no clubs and I've heard a few bad things about the bop, but is it really that bad? What about other bars in the town - do may have late licences?

3. General social scene- are there many events (dances, dinners, charity etc)though the year?

Also any accommodation advice?

Thanks in advance



Postby ARTooD2 on Mon Feb 13, 2006 2:05 pm

Theres Pleanty of societies...don't know about dance but more than likely....the bop isn't as bad as everyone makes out and if you really hate it you can go to dundee and back with club entry for a fiver...and theres loads of number 3 as far as I can tell...


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Postby leglessballerina on Sun Feb 19, 2006 8:59 pm


I had the same issues just before I started at St Andrews, so I know how you feel!

Dancesoc are the Unis dance society, and have classes throughout the week, including ballet, tap, jazz, hiphop/street, and I think contemporary... They have a webpage, but I don't remember the address..

The fact that there are no clubs doesn't stop us clubbers, a few of the clubs in Dundee run buses at 10.30, 11.00, 11.30 from St Andrews - they charge around 5 quid for your return bus fare, and your club entry (you also don't have to queue..) which is great, considering a taxi to Dundee costs 20-25, and the queues can be long..

In St A's itself, the union is open late at the weekends til like 2, and til 1 most nights (it may have changed, but I doubt it, I am on placement for the year!) and other bars are open til 1, namely Aikmans, and a few others.. I'm not fully up to date on licensing hours.. but St A's has such a wild nightlife, there are always parties, far too many balls sometimes, and alot of events throughout the year! Raisin Weekend has to be experienced to be believed, it has to be the most drunken fun ever!

The societies tend to all have at least one major function per year, and there are alot of open dinners, dances, ceilidhs, and the May Ball and Kate Kennedy balls are good fun, though a little expensive..

I hope this has helped you, from someone who has had doubts about St A's before, I can tell you it hasn't let me down, Uni is what you make it, and what you want it to be! I hope this helps to reassure you, if you want to email, feel free, kmm11@st-and.ac.uk

Katy xx (4th Yr MChem!)

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