"help" I am turning into "a big hairy socialist"

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"help" I am turning into "a big hairy socialist"

Postby Frau Pink Belt on Mon Jun 28, 2004 12:20 pm

I had a drink with a friend of a friend the other day, a good 'ole staunch conservative of a friend of a friend, and he told me that I was considerable as a potential girlfriend because I was "sweet, could hold a conversation and was not too assertive"
Now I have always remained politically ambiguous, but I found this apparent realisation of an old tory stereotype a little hard to swallow.
Upon mentioning my families arty farty background and the fact I am an Anthropology student he concluded that I was at heart just a "big hairy hippy socialist"
Is this true? Is this apparent fulfillment of a stereotype justified? Is the only way to get on in this town to have a lobotomy and forget I had any interest in my subject, (with its potential humanitarian leanings), or sincere interests at all?
Frau Pink Belt

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