Time table clashes?

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Time table clashes?

Postby jf on Tue Sep 14, 2004 2:39 pm

Hi there!

This is Jakob from Germany. I'm going to be a fresher this year @ St.A and I'll study Economics AND Philosophy.
I read that I should choose my modules carefully, so that there are no timetable clashes.

I think it's nearly impossible if you do two subjects.
However, I've got two questions:

1) Will there be a clash when a course ends at 3pm and the other starts at the same time?

2) Are 2000level courses really that hard for 1st-years?

My choice so far is:

EC1002 Microeconomics 20
EC2008 Topics in Finance 20
PY2003 Ancient Philosophy 20


EC1001 Macroeconomics 20
PY1101 Introduction to Ethical Theory 10
EC2009 Financial Markets 20
PY2102 The Social Contract 10

I know, I'll see my advisor, but how do I prepare myself if I don't know what modules I will have?

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