First Semester IV Overview

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First Semester IV Overview

Postby mattina on Thu Oct 11, 2007 7:56 am

1. The SSDC Pro-Am (see other thread!)

2. 2nd November: Newcastle- we're not going to send alot of teams to Newcastle but we are going to send at least one (plus judges).

3. 3rd November: Durham- sending 6 teams! We're sending more experienced teams and hopefully a couple of pro-am teams as well.

4. 9-10 November: Oxford- sending worlds teams!

5. 17th November: Bogwall- For Freshers at Scottish universities (plus Durham) only! It's a great way to see what a debates competition is with other freshers from all over Scotland. It's alot of fun and I strongly encourage all Freshers interested in debating competitively to go.

6. 30-31 November:Cork- sending 3 teams!

7. 7-9 December: Riga- Connie is judging here with Neill Harvey-Smith and it would be good prep for Euros this year. We're not paying registration for teams though, so teams would have to self fund. If you are interested, let me know and I'll tell you more!

8. The Mace: the number of teams we have hasn't been confirmed yet and the format is changing! details to follow. (The Mace is a long-prep knockout tournament in Scottish Debating)

If anyone is interested in speaking or judging any of these competitions or wants more information, please email me at lem55. Please note though that for Durham (although with 6 teams it's not really an issue), Oxford and Cork, Worlds teams get first pick of going since they're good prep tournaments.

However, I want to send some fresher teams and pro-am teams to competitions if I can this semester so please if you have any interest contact me!

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