Courier Second Round

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Courier Second Round

Postby Sally on Sat Dec 15, 2007 2:00 pm

I think I’ve emailed everyone who helped with Round 1, but I know Webmail is playing up for some people and I may not have some people’s email addresses, so I’ll post on here as well.

Thank you to everyone who helped with the first round of the Courier competition, particularly those who stepped in to help at the last minute and the dummy speakers.

Round 2 is in the New Year, with lots of fun IR-related motions! Unfortunately most of the debates are happening during exams, but if
you've finished exams, or even need a night off revision and would like some curry, please let me know which rounds you can make.

People are needed to chair, judge and sergeant rounds on the following dates:
[s]Tuesday 15th January
Wednesday 16th January
Thursday 17th January
Tuesday 22nd January
Wednesday 23rd January
Thursday 24th January
Could you let me know which rounds you can make by MONDAY 17th DECEMBER at the latest. There are still a few places left. If you could be as accurate as possible when letting me know the dates you can make it would be appreciated, and let me know of any changes. Certain dates to bear in mind are Euros trials on Wednesday 23rd January and the TCD IV on 25th-26th January, with the invitational the day before.

Another date for your diaries is the ICYD regional round, which is going to be held in Dundee on Saturday 9th February. It may be in
Dundee, but its organised by St Andrews, so we need as many judges there as possible.

Thank you,

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