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Postby mattina on Mon Feb 25, 2008 12:20 pm

Congratulations to those who ventured down and back via overnight bus to London for the LSE open this weekend.

Congratulations to Jason and Ali (exDurham) for breaking to quarters then reaching the semis.

I'm sure there's a tab somewhere...
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Postby mattina on Mon Feb 25, 2008 5:07 pm

1. Boy George 13 (mike ripley and ?)
2. McGill 12 (Jess Prince and Alex)
3. We've been to 3 All-Asians 12 (Art Ward and James Dray) winners
4. JLM-making fun boring sicnen 1897 11 (Jonathan L Maynard and Ben Jasper
4. the Alexander J. Bleninsopp Mem. Foundation 11
6. The Grays 11
7. Oxford JW 11 (alex just and alex worship)
8. Philosoph A 11 (Daniel Warrants and Hareesh
9. Lounge Lizards 11 (Gavin Illsey and Francis)
10. Spirit of 98 11
11. A Rabbit...11
12. Oxford LS 11 (kitson symes and shengwu)
13 Ali bin Vit 10 (Jason and Ali McCormick)
14. Batman and the boy wonder 10
15. ESL north of England
16. Loyola Marymount

19. the Honourable Society of the Holiday Inn 9 (Doug and Jimmy Doyle

46. Connie's Bridesmaids (James and Miles) 7

70. 9 Lives for Us, 9 Months for Connie 5 (Beth and Rach)

88. Team Blackspot 2

Speaker Tab

1. Alex Campbell, McGill 86 85 79 84 93 427

7. Jason Vit, ali bin vit85 79 86 83 82 415
9. Doug Cochran 78 84 82 86 84 414
50. Miles Wood 79 75 78 80 73 385
64. James Beadle 79 74 74 78 71 376
72. Rachael Whitbread 77 75 77 76 67 372
76. Beth Conner 77 73 77 75 69 371

176. Vanessa Yu 322
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Postby Art on Mon Feb 25, 2008 8:59 pm

The run down of the competition including the link to the tab is here:


For the record, Jimmy and Doug were mega unlucky not to break.

Pairing on speaks, and the evils thereof. Discuss.


Postby kdc4 on Tue Feb 26, 2008 5:30 am

Laura is too modest to note the silver lining from our knockout at LSE- namely her break as a judge. Hats off to her, as well as to Jason and Art for excellent performances.

The tournament was literally the hardest I've ever been to (bar Worlds and the Durham Open 2006, the latter of which was break to finals).

Oxford and Euros had nothing on it. ALL the old hacks came out to play.

Art alludes to the fact that LSE took the unusual decision to power-pair on points and speaks, which basically means that teams who take a tough loss (a.k.a. a good performance, but not good enough to win) end up hitting other teams who also suffered a tough loss. The result is that some teams can perform consistently well but never garner team points.

Jimmy and I took an unexpected third in round one, for example, and had a reasonable expectation of hitting some easier teams, only to come across James Prior, Dan Bradley, Fred Cowell, and Andrew Marshall, all of whom have made the break at Worlds.

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