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Postby obsessiveBecca on Mon Mar 10, 2008 1:00 pm

Ok, this is who I think wants to compete on Wedneasday. If I have your teams or halls wrong please let me know. Similarly if you have expressed a
wish to compete but have not got back to me with a team mate, let me know where
you live and I will attempt to pair you up...

So teams I have at the moment (apologies for any crazy spelling...):

Fearghas McGregor and Stever Haroldson - James Crichton A
Hari and David - John Burnet A
Lauren Cahill and Royce Hunt - Crichton Montrose B
Beth Conner and Zoe Sutherland - Crichton Montrose C
James Beadle and Chris Harper - Sallies A
Johnathon Lesley and Alex Bigsby - DRA A
Owen Wilton and Johnathen Hodges - Andrew Mellvile A
Rafael Heinisch and Brian Sonia-Wallace - St Regs A

Any more of you out there?

So can you guys please be at the Top Floor of the Union by 12.30 on Wednesday?
Thanks. The round will start promptly at 1pm so I'll announce the motion at
12.45...Speeches are five minutes and you have three rounds. The final will be
in LPH in the evening.
Any questions feel free to email me, and if you are still
partnerless, email me (rje7) your hall details and I'll pair you up!
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Inter-Residence Debating!

Postby kdc4 on Thu Mar 13, 2008 12:02 pm

Cheers to Becca for running a good tourney. Thanks everyone for coming out, especially Becca, Chris, Jess, Royce, Owen and Sally, who judged.

I had a great time and saw some hilarious debates (Fearghas, Steven, and Tom are worthy of special mention).

Finalists were:

St Regulus A (Rafael, Brian)
Crichton-Montrose C (Beth, Zoe)
St Salvator's (James, Chris H.)
Mr. & Mrs. Smith (Laura, Miles)

I wasn't at the final. I was told that Crichton Montrose C. eventually prevailed.


THB: The State Should Give Heroin Addicts Their Fix.
THW: Set up safe zones for cottaging.
THW: Recolonise Failed African Countries.

Final: THW: Make citizenship contingent upon an oath of loyalty to the Queen.

Speaker Tab. The first number is your total score. The three numbers that follow are your scores in each individual round.

Team Tab. The first number is your team points acquired (three points for each first, two for a second, one for a third, none for a last). The second number is your combined speaker marks (used as a tie-breaker if necessary).


Beth 234 80 78 76
Rafael 231 79 77 75
James 229 76 74 79
Zoe 228 77 74 77
Miles 227 79 73 75
Laura 226 78 70 78
Brian 225 78 76 71
Lauren 223 75 73 75
Victoria223 68 78 77
Fearghas222 75 76 71
Owen 222 76 73 73
Chris H 221 76 74 71
Royce 221 75 72 74
Claire 219 73 73 73
Alex 218 76 68 74
Peter 216 75 70 71
David 215 73 70 72
Jon.Mel 214 74 70 70
Jon.DRA 214 76 68 70
Hari 213 73 71 69
Chris F 212 71 69 72
Steven 211 72 74 65
Kenny 189 40 75 74
Tom Cahn179 50 60 69


C. Montrose C (Beth, Zoe) 8 462
St Regulus A (Raphael, Brian) 8 456
Mr. & Mrs. Smith (Laura, Miles) 7 453
Sallies A (James, Chris H.) 7 450
McIntosh A (Claire, Victoria) 6 442
C. Montrose B (Lauren, Royce) 5 444
C. Montrose A (Fearghas, Steve) 3 433
DRA A (Alex, Jonathan) 3 432
McIntosh B (Peter, Chris F) 3 428
Melville A (Owen, Jonathan) 2 436
JBH (Hari, David) 1 428
TOM CAHN (Tom, Kenny) 1 368

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Postby TC on Thu Mar 13, 2008 3:05 pm

I am perticularly proud that I managed to come bottom of both the team and speaker tabs as a swing team. Thank you Jess for giving me that crucial 50 in the first round when I was ironmanning. My speach in the style of a Daily Mail column I thought was one of my best/worst.

Thank you also to Becca for an excellent tournerment.

I am about the get the Dr John Blair Shield engraved (it hasnt been since 2005). I believe that last three winners have been as follows:

2006: Andrew Melville Hall
2007: Crichton Montrose
2008: Crichton Montrose

do post soon i fyou think I am wrong.

all the best,



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Postby Steveo on Thu Mar 13, 2008 6:35 pm

How the hell did I get beaten to last, considering some of the things that were said?


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Postby Lid on Fri Mar 14, 2008 2:35 am

Steveo - by a swing team who primarily went in to score last - I assume it was the job of Tom and Kenny to score lowest for at least some of it, so you were the lowest 'team' competitor at least. Go team.

I'm impressed about how tight speaker points were, I was two speaker points short of my dear partner, Ms Cahill, who clearly dragged us up to such a hilarously high standing on the team tab - I'm very proud of her.

Jolly good, and thanks for letting me judge, even if it did result in a split.


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