LSE Open 2009

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LSE Open 2009

Postby James Beadle on Wed Feb 25, 2009 7:15 pm

Last weekend a bunch of us treked down to london. Cocktails where drunk, trousers where called to be removed. Even some debating occured. All of our speakers did very well at what was an extremerly high standard competition. We had three teams present, Rachael and Chris, Laura and Maddie and Miles and I. Philip Goose and Steven O'Donnell worht both judging and saw some excellent rooms. Miles and I managed to break seventh, (we had some luck) but unfortunetly went out in the quaters. Personally, I blame Miles - he wasn't wearing his break necklace. But it was certainly very enjoyable. My congratulations also go to Christopher Harper, who performed very well on the individual speaker tab, taking his first ever (I belive) 85.
Below is a link to the tab for all of you who are curious - I can't be bothered to paste it onto hear.

http://www.britishdebate.com/calendar/u ... ulltab.xls
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