my curse continues.....

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my curse continues.....

Postby womble chris on Thu Jul 22, 2004 3:35 pm

right, just stopped for today,

played empirepoker, lost about 20 dollars, didnt really hit any hands,

switched to pokerroom in hope of better cards, got them, milked them very well i reckonwent up 50 pretty quick, then:

all in preflop KK vs AA, 100 dollar pot, i lose with KK

all in after the flop, 77 vs QQ, flop was 37Q 180 dollar pot

i lost another 50 dollars on two pair vs someone catching running cards for a flush, and he admitted it was his stupid calling.

how can i be expected to make any money with that luck???

the 7 set vs Q set hurt most as on another table i was playing at the same time id just lost that KK vs AA and so then to hit the set 7s i couldnt belive it then for someone to have the Qs.....

i got one real bad beat on empire as well but cant remember that,

sorry for the rant but just couldnt belive it....think ill be drinking a lot at the pub tonight.....
womble chris
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Postby womble chris on Thu Jul 22, 2004 6:10 pm

replying to myself....worrying...

oh boy,

having had the unlucky hands above, just before dinner i had a quick 15 mins playing, lost 70 dollars, 10 player table, 1-2, guy raised to $4 me on BB, everyone else folded as i reraised to $20
he called, flop 389 i have QQ, i go all in, he calls with...yep...99...woo hoo....

so, now on full tilt mode, down to 200 in my account i go for the $5-$10 5 player table, stay on level for a bit, the go for a mega bluff...the weak bet (and calls) i thought i smelt was actually the smell of him flopping aces....great read chris...so down to $75 in my account....then on extreme tilt mode go all in on about 5 out of 10 hands preflop to no callers (all sensible ish...ace or PP)...and then a guy raises me preflop to $10, i reraise with JQ suited to $20, he then reraises me all in, he done it a few times with a low PP, and i thought my luck must change, and it did so i double up to about 200, then got another few nice hands played well and up to 350....now im off to the pub for a few well earned drinks....enjoy....and this is my last semi-pointless post....chris....
womble chris
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Postby Guest on Sat Jul 24, 2004 5:55 pm

Jees you must be running up a heavy debt. Are you loaded?


Postby womble chris on Tue Jul 27, 2004 11:15 am

nope i certainly aint loaded, although i am up with my playing so debt is on the down!
havent played much last few days but when i have ive been doing well with no real bad beats and generally good card which ive played alright.
got used to empire and now doing their NL tables of 6 max to the table max each 25 dollars, min bet $.5, a far cry from my earlier 2-4s.

ive changed my outlook bit and realising (this may sound obvious) but it really is important not to lose a lot in a short time as previously id go all guns blazing and now switched to a more conservative try to keep picking up some pots approach, especially as empirepoker players in general seem a lot worse than pokerroom.com players.

anyways, good luck all, and does anyone else what the WTP on challenge? i love the commentators myself 'oh my Vince, we've got a monster here!'
womble chris
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Postby christian_harris on Tue Jul 27, 2004 12:20 pm

Vince is cool!

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