any thoughts on this hand i lost....

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any thoughts on this hand i lost....

Postby Fredddy "10-4" Ogilvie on Fri Sep 03, 2004 6:17 am

Just lost a big hand on ladbrokes;wondering if any thinks i should have played it differently.

Playing $0.25/0.5 NL with about $60 stack i raised $2 under the gun with QhQd and it was folded to the button who called, then the small blind reraised it to $10.50, big blind folded.I called (possibly i should have reraised here but he would certainly have called so it is of little consequence)and the button folded.

We saw the flop two handed and it came:

Qc Js 10c

He checked i bet $15 and he raised to $30. I felt i was in trouble at this point, maybe to AK;even so he could well have been on AA or KK for the straight draw and overpair so i called.

The turn brought the 9clubs and he bet out $17.Certain i'm beat at this point but with about $100 in the pot i had little choice but to raise all in with my remaining $19 and hope the board paired or something

river was a blank and he turned over...........AK offsuit to win $119 pot with a straight.

what would you guys have done here - prob should have folded to his check raise on the flop i dont know.big pot to lose at these sort of limits!
Fredddy "10-4" Ogilvie


Postby christian_harris on Fri Sep 03, 2004 6:23 am

Jon will no doubt give you some great advice, but personally I think I would have done the same, when you flop the top set you are going to be unlucky to lose.

He could easily have been on AA or KK and been behind, so don't worry too much about it.

thats plain unlucky

Postby womble chris on Fri Sep 03, 2004 8:31 am

im same, his very large raise preflop suggests AA, KK or AK suited, with that flop you are only behind to one of those three possibilities. So even being check raised its a must call. evil turn card but with that much in the pot and you dont have much to lose going all in is more than fair.

you just got plain unlucky, he may well of played the hand exactly the same had he of had AA and you would of had him beat so its just got to go down as one of those harsh hands.

My only thought could be to fold preflop once youve been reraised to 10.5. by that very large preflop raise id put him on AA, KK or AK, two of them have you beat and the other is a coin toss. depends on whether he has raised frequently preflop or not to determine how strong his preflop reraise to 10.5
womble chris
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Postby christian_harris on Fri Sep 03, 2004 8:37 am

In a tournament I'd definitely consider folding to such a big pre-flop raise, but in a cash game I'd always want to see a flop with pocket Queens.

And Jon's great advice is...

Postby flanks on Fri Sep 03, 2004 10:11 am

Well lets think about it in 2 ways :) First of all your attitude to your hand, and secondly analyse how it was played out.

You look down at QQ, your heart does somersaults and quite rightly make a raise. The raise isnt large incidentally, you may wish to reconsider it. A large pocket pair, you dont want to be called by a loose A or K which hits flop and traps you. Perhaps $3 to make sure people at the table know you mean business. The moment you flat call a raise to 10.50 you have married yourself to this hand. You are saying that even if he has AA or KK you dont care, you love your hand and want to play it. Why are you saying this? Because you flat call...

To explain, lets now analyse the hand.

>Playing $0.25/0.5 NL with about $60 stack i raised $2 under the gun with QhQd

Under the gun, this raise is tiny. You could be re raised from anywhere around the table, even by an under pair, and you wouldnt know. You need to put these under pairs under pressure, put AJ/A10 under pressure. Instead you create a situation where the pressure is on you. DONT MAKE BAD RAISES UNDER THE GUN!

> and it was folded to the button who called, then the small blind reraised it to $10.50, big blind folded.I called (possibly i should have reraised here but he would certainly have called so it is of little consequence)

Interesting that you think he wouldnt have folded :) What possible reason does he have for such a large re raise? My immediate thought in seeing such a raise is that he wants you to fold!! But regardless, there is one thing you absolutely must not, never ever do in this situation....

... and that is call.

why? What if he has the under pair we mentioned earlier, he has you under pressure (which is the wrong way around) and forces you to misplay by calling. If an A or K comes on flop he can bluff you out. A re raise from you will make him chuck a lower pair, if not then lets be honest YOU WANT HIM TO CALL! However, he has the most likely hand which is AK. He has the nutnopair, prays you have AQ or AJ. He would never ever raise with AK in this situation unless he wanted you to fold. You either do as he requests, or re raise him all in. I dont think he will call this all in bet, if he does then take the race and pray. You could also fold in this situation very easilly, hand him $2 which isnt a lot (or $3 if you had raised correctly in first place)

>We saw the flop two handed and it came:
>Qc Js 10c
>He checked i bet $15 and he raised to $30.

Now at this stage your misplay preflop becomes evident. If he had JJ or 1010 he is still a mile behind, but his check and limit raise should shout at you that he has the nuts, a broadway straight.

For future reference, the chances of a board pairing itself are approx 1/5. So after his limit raise you should be packing up the shop and waiting for the next hand to be dealt. However, again what you mustnt do is call! If you want to draw, then put yourself in a position where you make no more decisions. When you flat call you green light him to put all in on turn, afterall you could be on AQ! Put the decision on him, not on you. Of course he calls, and you still lose, but dont drag yourself through a steam engine in the process of losing a hand, all that will do is put yourself on tilt and lose more money later.

Just recite to yourself:

Poker = pressure on opponents, not on you.

Hope that helps :)
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That hand

Postby Guest on Mon Sep 06, 2004 2:00 pm

Well Freddy, I can honestly say I think you played that hand very badly. I agree with the previous point that a large preflop raise like that, you can seriously consider the fold. And once you are reraised, it is not a doubt that you are beaten. You need to significantly tighten up your game if you want to become a good player, and not make these desperate amateurish calls. Perhaps you start by reading some poker books, or I can teach you.


Postby flanks on Thu Sep 09, 2004 9:21 am

who was that????!?

at least i was trying to be helpful!!
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