From the Unholy Trinty to you all...

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From the Unholy Trinty to you all...

Postby WhisperingSolitude on Thu Apr 27, 2006 6:32 pm

Dear all at the RockSoc.

I would like to thank you all for a successful and entertaining gig. You were a great audience, brave, funny and charming. And I *KNOW* that if and when we return - a bit of shameless self-publicity here ;) - say for example, Hallowe'en, for which we do an especially gruesome show, you'll all be hoping for even greater excesses, and we would hapilly provide!

Terrible at names here, so an especial thanks to the folowing...

Chap who took 'photo's pour moi, sorted sound and mic' and drank the best o'my bladder.
Long-haired chappie who told me to stop smoking (grrr).
Floss for filming.
Shot bobbed-ish dark-haied lass for general help and loveliness.

And an EXTRA large thanks to all you wonderful volunteers. Please send me an email letting me know your addy's so I can send you various edits of the show. Oh, and, lovely braces, allways make me slightly weak at the knees ;)

Please visit our website - www.theunholytrinity.info where we have many many galleries and video edits of past shows, and where soon your show will appear. Please sign our guestbook and if you wish sign up for our newsletter. Also, a serious but entertaining "who we are" section that you might find of interest, explaining the big WHY we do what we do.

Anyhoo, thanks again, you are a great bunch of people.

Dr Jonathan, aka The Unholy Spirit.
The Unholy Trinity.
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