Greetings my Lords and Ladies old and new!!

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Greetings my Lords and Ladies old and new!!

Postby katticus metallicus on Tue Oct 02, 2007 7:14 pm

I would like to thank you all for joining up at the societies fayre on Sunday,
you have made the right choice as we have many great plans for this year. I
would also like to thank those who helped us out at the fayre and all of you
who showed interest enough to be put on our mailing list. To find out about
what we have in store there will be emails to those on our mailing list but you can keep
an eye out for us on:
>our website: http://www.st-andrews.ac.uk/~caledon/

>our facebook group: http://standrews.facebook.com/group.php?gid=2202176983


>here where you can post questions/comments/whatever and we
(the committee) will keep an eye out and answer any queries as will many of our
older members who know the answers

For those of you who have not joined up and wish to do so you will be able to at
any of our feasts and sunday sessions so never fear.

Ok, boring admin out of the way lets get to the FEAST!!!!!
6th Oct - Michaelmas Feast
(see earlier Michealmas post)
More information including directions to the feasting hall to follow tomorrow
so do keep an eye on you emails (this includes older members too)

If anyone would like to serve-email us-serving 3courses means reduced price, serving the whole thing means it will be free-with the scoffing of leftovers in the kitchen with Jo.

If you can get out of bed in the morning with so full a tummy we have the UBER
7th Oct - first session back -We shall display as much of the range of shire as
possible with demonstations from all of the guilds. Fighting will start from 12
with us shire fighters and some visitors from the national groups of Regia
Anglorum and Gaddgedlar, you newbees can also try your hand-i would recommend
looseish clothing that you will be able to move around in. Even if you do not
want to fight there will still be alot to see and do so come along and
socialise, eat leftovers and generally have fun.

We hope to see many of you at the feast and the first session!!
katticus metallicus
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