Castle Trip

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Castle Trip

Postby katticus metallicus on Mon Oct 15, 2007 7:02 am

Greetings my Lords and Ladies!! Hope everyone who attended the feast and/or the
first session had fun-i certainly did. Its that time of year for us to go
invading castles-yay!! On the 28th of this month (When the clocks go back) we
shall be making a nuisance of ourselves by wearing garb (or not if you don't
have it or don't want to be hindered by long flowey skirts when climbing
staircases) and trying to fit as many people as we can into as many small
spaces as we can and taking photos of it (some of which can be found on the
shire website). The castles of destiny are Linlithgow Palace, Tantallon and
Craigmillar. The price will be confirmed later but will most likely be £15 with
a £5 deposit paid by the Sunday session the week before we go (21st-which is our
Mediaeval Fashion Show/EGM-more details on that to follow)-the deposit is part
of the main price and shall be non-refundable unless very good reason (dead
grannys-ok/dead fish-not ok).

Who's interested?Email shire@st-andrews.ac.uk with CASTLES as the subject as soon as possible as
there will be a limited number of spaces in el minibus.


P.S. After we invade castles we shall be crawling the taverns in St Andrews in

PP.S. our garb box got bigger and better so there is more loner garb availiable-just ask us beforehand if you need any.
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Postby seakrutt on Sat Oct 20, 2007 2:11 am

I wish I owned £15 so I could go :(
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Postby Kisa on Wed Oct 24, 2007 6:32 pm

Inspired by today's meeting I thought I'd post and say:

YAY for castles!!

Not sure I have the necessary gold coins for tavern crawling though :(
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more information

Postby katticus metallicus on Thu Oct 25, 2007 6:36 pm

Greetings castle trippers (across the universe), As you all should remember the
castle trip is this Sunday-yay!! Here is more information-firstly all remember
to PUT YOUR CLOCKS BACK on saturday night so that you don't end up missing the

We will be meeting outside the union at 9AM
Leave St Andrews at 9:15
Arrive at Linlithgow palace at 10:45
Leave Linlithgow at 12:45
Arrive at Craigmillar Castle at 13:25
Leave Craigmillar at 14:25
Arrive at Tantallon castle at 15:25
Leave Tantallon at 16:25
Arrive in St Andrews at 18:25

Times are subject to traffic yet we will leave without you if you don't get to
the union on time-if you need to cancel your name off the list ring me on
07746700783, though deposit is non-refundable unless it is a very good reason.
For those of you getting this email who have not yet paid the deposit bring the
full amount with you which is 15pounds. For those of you have paid deposit
don't forget your 10 pounds. If people don't bring the money then we cannot
afford to get you in the castles so its pretty important.

Other things to bring:
Camera (to take pictures of us all in small holes)
Batteries (for the camera-should be self-explanitory but last time we were
searching our bags and pockets for batteries half way up a steep rock)
Packed Lunch (There is no Morrisons on this route so we cant stop off for food)
Warm Clothes-garb enouraged but not necessary (we will be bringing spare from
garb box)
Warm coat/cloak
Umbrella (just incase it rains-i really hope it doesn't)
Sensible shoes (as there is usually much stair climbing)
Booze for drinking on bus
Time-keeping devices (so you get back to the bus ontime so we don't abandon you
in the wilderness)
Your money-to pay us and purchase stuff in gift shops (as they are soooo
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