Tavern Night

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Tavern Night

Postby jiajo on Wed Nov 21, 2007 9:51 am

there will be a Tavern Night Tuesday 27th November in the back room of the Whey Pat from 7pm.

Tavern Nights consist of:
PIE (meat, vegi and sweet)
BOOZE (we're in a pub so if you want to bring a pewter tankard and transfer the alcohol to feel more medieval...)
TAVERN GAMES (since we cant gamble for money bring individually wrapped sweets to play for)
ENTERTAINMENT (bawdy singing from wenches, storytelling if anyone has a great story of heroic deeds they wish to tell)

garb is encouraged by not necessary, the garb box will be there for people to dig through

bring your own bowl, knife and spoon for the eating of pie (and drinking vessel if you want to transfer alcohol)

price is just £4 for members and £5 for non members
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