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The feast is 12 courses of sumptuous mediaeval food (plus a "surprise" dish), we shall be pulling out all the stops
this means 6 MEAT COURSES!!(with vegetarian options as close to the meat ones as we can get them even if they have to involve in-authentic tofu). The wenches guild and the bardic guild shall be entertaining you with dirty songs and yuletide songs/instrumental music respectively. If you would like to tell a short story email first to let us know as there is limited story time as we have so many courses to munch and booze to quaff.
We are holding the feast in St Andrews Episcopal Church and shall be opening doors at 6:15 so arrive no sooner than that, and will start the feast no later than 6:30 so make sure you make it on time (again this is due to how many courses we have to fit in before 11pm).The price for our shiney pewter feast token to get you in (and to keep as a momento) is £12 for members and £14 for non-members membership can be bought on the door for £2.50 if you want to make all your subsequent feasts cheaper). To book email shire@st-andrews.ac.uk with YULE as the subject, there will be no block booking except for plus ones (and we will need names and dietry requirements for everyone) so if you are bringing a large group of friends make sure they email seperately. As usual Mediaeval attire is not required but encouraged and we have our garb box so we may be able to kit you out. Don't forget that you need to bring your own knife, bowl,spoon, drinking vessel and something to drink from it.
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