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Postby katticus metallicus on Fri Mar 14, 2008 12:54 pm

Ever wanted to go beyond the fighting and feasting way of life currently offered
by shire?....
...well this may be the thing for you!

Shire will be hitting the wilderness with a big hairy man...well...er a campsite
with toilets and showers and with Cathbad (the man who sang that very catchy "if
you drink you will die, if you don't drink you will die" song at courtly love).

We will be camping authenit-style in period tents.
At night we will be eating around a glowing campfire while quaffing ale, telling
stories and doing various crafts.
During the day there will be fighting and more crafts.

To get a better idea of what is on offer here is a word from our

There will be the basic necessities of tending a fire, cooking, knife and axe.
The wire knitting tricanopoly) is a sitting around the fire thing too. A bit of
rope work, perhaps baking using an earthenware pot, spoon making, netting,
tablet weaving [and also dyeing (hopefully no dying)] a basic introduction to
living medievally.

There may possibly be a forge and some other big hairy members of the Glasgow
Vike (a Viking group) joining us. It looks set to be an awesome weekend!!

This trip will take place 28th-30th of this month, more details including a
fixed price will follow when we have our interest replies (though I am
anticipating in the region of 20-30 pounds.
Deadline for pretty certain interest (by replying to this message) is Friday the
14th as we need to know numbers for the camp-site.
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