Tavern Night

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Tavern Night

Postby katticus metallicus on Fri Mar 14, 2008 12:56 pm

Greetings my Lords and ladies,

The event we have coming up is not a "cheap alternative to a feast" but a far
more relaxed way of stuffing ourselves with delicious mediaeval food and
tasting sumptuous mediaeval alcohols!!

What is this i hear you holler!!??!


On Saturday the 15th March we shall be consuming vast quantities of PIE...

In true mediaeval fashion we shall be putting whatever moves (and some things
that don't move for you vegetarians) into a pie crust. Stuff yourselves to
bursting full of LARDY PIE OF DOOOOOOM (lots of pig and port), GREAT PIE (a
happy fusion of beef mince and chicken) many other meat pies, sweet pies and
veggie and cheese pies!

While we consume these lovely pies we shall be playing mediaeval taverne board
games and gambling for sweeties (we found that 'tis a far sweeter thing to
gamble for sweets and chocolate than it is to play for 2 pence pieces). Bring
along the wrapped (so they don't get sticky) sweets of your choice and gamble
As well as making our own entertainment there will be the premiere of our St
George and the Dragon play...to get a part in this email back and we will
arrange a rehearsal-though the part of looking like an idiot in a dragon
costume already falls on my unfortunate self (hehe...I can't wait really!)

The cost of a wooden Taverne token is 6 pounds for members and 7 pounds for

...And if that was not all we shall be giving (FOR FREE) a range of delicious
mediaeval style alcohols for tasting-these will take the form of booze plus
various fruits and spices to provide something far better than what you can buy
in a shop...and we will be giving it to you for free!!
[The alcohol is for smallish sized tastings and so we recommend bringing some
more drink to quaff as we play games and eat the afore mentioned PIE.]

Interested? Here is the information you need:

Location: All Saints Church, North castle Street [for directions and a map see
our sinner board]
Date: Sat 15th March
Time: 7pm-11:30pm
Token Cost: 6 pounds for members, 7 for non-members
How to book: Email shire@st-andrews.ac.uk and give us your name and dietary
requirements, We do not accept block-booking but plus one's are fine. We do
not email back to confirm-just assume that if you have emailed then you are in.
What to bring: Yourself, knife, bowl, spoon, drinking vessel, something to drink
out of said vessel in addition to the free booze, wrapped sweets with which to
gamble, fruit and veg to throw at the play-casters (actually...second
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