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Postby katticus metallicus on Sun Mar 23, 2008 6:30 pm

We had our AGM, the new committee will ascend to their positions of power on the stroke of midnight on 3rd May (Beltaine), the new committee elect are as follows:

Seneshal [president]: Jason Maurer
Steward [vice president]: Niall Currie
Chancellor [treasurer]: Nick McHugo
Chronicler [secretary]: Louisa Sanderson
Minister for the Dissemination of Public
Information and Propaganda [publicity]: Katticus Metallicus
Magister Aetherius [webitor]: Gordon Black
Stablehand [ordinary member]: Katie Cheadle
Grand Marshall: Katticus Metallicus

Since the AGM was not quorum (as in not a high enough percentage of the society members were present) then you now have one week to voice objections, if there are objections then an EGM will be called to re-vote
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