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New Blue Suit

PostPosted: Mon Apr 23, 2007 12:57 am
by Frank
Well, noticed he was wearing a different suit tonight (might've been that way before now, but meh), and I thought "Hmm, blue..."

Decided I wasn't as keen on it as the brown one. Just thought I'd sahre that with you all...

(As a note as a successful member of DocSoc:

Tonights pub quiz in the Union. Quesiton "Name the ten actors to have played the Doctor in Doctor Who"...easy points!

Shame we came second though :()

(I even remember Peter Cushing...)


"There is only ever one truth. Things are always black or white, there's no such thing as a shade of grey. If you think that something is a shade of grey it simply means that you don't fully understand the situation. The truth is narrow and the path of the pursuit of truth is similarly narrow."