Torchwood canon (spoilers up to Adrift)

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Torchwood canon (spoilers up to Adrift)

Postby Colleen on Thu Mar 20, 2008 4:32 pm

Right. So, Torchwood is the Doctor Who spin-off, which means they occupy the same world, which means that they must, logically, follow the same rules as each other THEREFORE what is canon in one is canon in the other. Tosh, Martha, Cybermen, Slitheen and Jack both crossed over successfully for example.

THIS MEANS that in Doctor Who, the following things are canon:

-Unconvincing circus folk that saw 'The Ring' once too often
-Generic supernatural shit that the Doctor would probably reverse the polarity of
-The Bible
-Naked hide and seek


(By the same rules, does this mean that Kylie no longer exists in the Torchwood world?)


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