The Students Residences Union

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The Students Residences Union

Postby munchingfoo on Thu Sep 01, 2005 2:37 pm

There is, as has been the case for the last 4 years, an air of discontent surrounding the extortionate rate that students are paying for university run accomodation. At one end of the scale we have DRA whose unbelievable prices (one of the highest in the country) exceeds the average student's loan for the entire year. At the other, we have Fife Park. Here, value for money is the issue. Is a decrepid, neglegted bedroom in a house with no common room and a shower between 6 really worth the current asking rate?

If you feel that rent prices are too high, and you are actually willing to try to do something about it, then you have come to the right thread.

Before I begin, I must emphasise. If you are merely against rent prices but couldn't be bothered to actually do something about it, just stop reading now.

The root of this problem does not lie in the people who decide the prices. They are merely shrewd buisness people who act according to market forces. Currently, our force in this market is about as strong as a wet piece of paper. Together, the students, just like any business cartel, can be stronger than this force pushing us down and rents up. We, the students, have the power. But only if we stand as one group, with one voice.

Attempts in the past have failled, and all had one thing in common. They have gone for the obvious problem and not the real one. Standing outside a meeting to decide rent prices means nothing unless those inside know the people outside have every student behind them. The real problem, is that the students aren't a collective right now. We do not have one voice, but it is what we need.

In order to tackle this issue we have decided to set up an affiliated student society. Who's task it will be to effect change with the entire student body behind them.

In order to start this society we require 20 members who are willing to pay a nominal membership fee of £1(Union rules). If we action this right now we may be able to get a table at the societies fair and get a huge amount of the student body to join.

If you really want rent prices to change, stop just complaining they are too high and do something about it. Leave you contact details here if you would like to be one of the founding 20 members.

I can be contacted on ag56@st-and.ac.uk


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