IT Services Petition

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IT Services Petition

Postby Ellie on Thu Nov 03, 2005 2:23 pm

Hey m'dears,

If you look over the WiredSoc boards, you'll see a series of threads dealing with the state of play with the school Network: mainly problems dealing with transfering files between computers (meaning group and tutorial work is compromised by trips back and forth) and dealing with virus/worm infected computers.

The main two threads being located
here: Societies/wiredsoc/18869
and here: Societies/wiredsoc/18982

Basically, we need to get signatures on a petition sheet in order to show support for reaching some form of compromise on these topics, and have them sorted for next year.

I'm looking for people to sign it in Fife Park. If anyone wishes to, you can contact Ellie in 2303, or James in 0705.

Thank you!


Postby munchingfoo on Mon Nov 14, 2005 6:51 pm

I want to get the network openned up but I think the reasons offered as to why are ludicrous.

Re: Virus/Worm infections

With resnet in it's current state Virus'/Worms cannot proliferate. If a user is stupid enough to get a virus from some other source then it's their stupid fault and they can contact their rep independantly.

Re: Transferring files

Yes, i used to use SSH and ftp through the network to comp sci but it isn't essential. People in wired soc can use their wired account and those that don't apply to the uni for a 10Mb webspace, ie http://www.st-and.ac.uk/~ag56

Those arguements are pretty lame. I miss my LAN games, i miss my remote terminal, i miss many things, but those arguements aren't going to get this situation changed.

Also, a petition isn't the right way forward. This isn't about what the students want, if it was about what the students want then they would have a completely open internal network.

We need a much better line of attack


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