Test the new Sinner

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Test the new Sinner

Postby Admin on Wed Jan 25, 2006 7:34 pm

Who wants to see the new Sinner?
Who wants to poke it till it breaks?
Who wants to report the breaks (and where you poked it)?

To see the new site, go to

None of the databases have been transferred over to the new site yet, so you'll have to set up a new account (same as your current Sinner account if you like).

Test all the new features - blogs, image galleries, RSS feeds, wiki (anyone can update the Sinner's Guide through this system)

If you find a bug, please make sure you report it via:
You'll need to set up a new username and password for that site as well, as that operates on a separate system.

Please don't post bugs on this thread!

Enjoy the new Sinner!
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