Rent Protest

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Rent Protest

Postby andrewdalgleish on Wed Feb 11, 2004 2:48 pm

s I'm sure you've heard, there is due to be a dramatic increase in the price of University accommodation next year. I am writing to urge you to protest. The 27% rise quoted is an average and, in fact, Regs will be subject to a 46% increase. In other words, fees would increase by £1200, from £2678 to £3910! To expect every student to afford an increase of this magnitude is wholly unrealistic, but the only way the powers-that-be will accept this is if we tell them. There wil be, from Wed 10th, a petition demanding a gradual phasing-in of fees over a 3-5 year period which would result in an increase of "only" £300-400 each year. Even if you are not intending to stay in University accommodation next year, I still urge you to protest. It will inevitably push up rents as a whole and financially cripple thousands of undergraduates and postgraduates, whilst deterring prospective students. To protest please sign the petition in hall and also email Derek MacLeod (Student Union President) at pres@st-and.ac.uk to voice your opinion. If we do not protest, they will push this through!

Phil Scott, Senior Student.

just got this from phil, thought i'd post it here to try to get a wider audience.

also have a look here:
http://www.thesinner.co.uk/messageboard ... hread=7608
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Postby FURY-161 on Fri Feb 13, 2004 9:39 pm

I say we organise a sit-in.
Hasn't been done for so long, so the impact would carry quite a bit of weight. (for better, though I must entertain the possibility that it could be for worse)
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