music lessons

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music lessons

Postby hoo m i on Mon Jun 28, 2004 10:01 pm

Hello! I'm writing on behalf of my piano teacher.

She teaches:
1. Piano
2. Violin
3. Music composing
4. Harmony

It's 25 pounds per lesson. She also guides students who wants to go for exams.

Actually, she plays more than 10 music instruments, but she just wanna teach the above mentioned ones. She has a piano and a few violins at home. You could go to her house (North street) for lessons, or she can goes to yours.

Classes could be scheduled flexibly according to your needs. She's a spouse of a student here, not a student (if u r curious), so she's quite flexible about lesson time.

She's a famous musician and composer in Korea. She also wrote soundtracks for movies and pop singers.

genre: classical, jazz, pop, blues....u can customize what u wanna learn actually, which what I did! :p

Please contact her at ext: 4779 or email: tinkle1002_27@hotmail.com or seongjin_yim@hotmail.com
hoo m i
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