Tuesday 4th December

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Tuesday 4th December

Postby Colleen on Mon Dec 03, 2007 3:05 pm

Late notice, I know. Long story.

On Tuesday 4th December - tomorrow - we'll be
showing the Tom Baker classic 'Pyramids of Mars.' This classic episode - set in
England in 1911 and features Egyptian mummies on Mars in the way that only
Doctor Who can - sees the Doctor pitted against the Sutekh, last of Osirians,
for the destiny not just of Earth but for the whole universe. Will the Doctor
manage to free himself from Sutekh's evil plan? Is Sarah-Jane as awesome as
people think? Why is that hand of the crew still in shot in episode 4?

Come along on Tuesday and find out! You know the routine - 8pm in Macintosh TV
Room, free for members (membership £3.50) and £2 for non-members. All the usual fun of a quiz, heckling, and refreshments.


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